Shikisai Kyo chef knives

This all-stainless steel knifewith a simple style hastheelegance andbeauty of classicalJapanese swords.

The Kyo three-layer blade knife has a beautiful design that combines bothtraditional Japanese and modern elements.There is no seam between the handle and blade.

The blade has a three-layered structure that is resistant to rust, and iscarefully formed using the artisanal techniques of the famed blacksmiths ofSeki to attain a lasting and vivid sharpness.The design of the handle achieves a unique style that fitssnugly and comfortably in your hand, while the hollow handlemakes the knife light, assuring that your hand will not get tired even if cuttingfor long periods, and making it a knife that is extremely comfortable to use.

A matte finish is applied once more after mirror polishing to provide a gentlytextured finish that matches the overall form of the knife.Its cutting ability and its design will both make for stylish additions toyour kitchen.

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