Hunt Gather Grow About Us

It is time we all took a step back from the raging modern world of electronics, screen time, busy work schedules, processed foods and big pharmaceutical medicine. To reap the astounding physical and mental health benefits that are available to us we need to get back in touch with the Earth, be involved with our food at its source and spend time in nature.   

At Hunt, Gather, Grow, we aim to provide the means for you to do this.

We also believe that your money is too hard to earn to throw away on poorly made products with short lifespans. You deserve ‘value for money’.

Our products are beautiful to use and made to last. Many carry an Australian guaranteed, lifetime warranty.  They are ethically sourced from select companies who have stood the test of time, specialize in artisan quality, functional design and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

We use what we sell & know our products inside & out, giving us the knowledge to provide the right advise and ensure the product You buy is suitable for Your intended use. If we wouldn’t own it, We Won’t Sell It.  We also provide a large range of spare parts and services including sharpening, handle replacement and shop made protective leather covers for many of our products to ensure peace of mind to our customers.

We are proud to supply the best quality products and service in the industry and love working with our customers to constantly improve our knowledge and understanding. We look forward to a life-long mutually beneficial relationship with all our valued customers.  

The Hunt Gather Grow Family.