Muller Axes

First recorded in 1675 Muller Hammerworks owner Peter Müller manufactured hoes, pickaxes, hoes and wedges in Steindorf in the Murau district in Styria Austria as a tool and hoe smith. Many other generations followed along with a few location changes over the years and some special innovations.

When Leonhard Müller, took over the family business with its now 6 employees. He created the brand "IHS" and thus achieved a delimitation of his products. He created innovative new tools for woodwork that were also suitable for left-handed craftsman, for example. At that time, 95% of the products were already intended for export.

Still family owned to this day with the 13th generation of the Müller family smiths passing down the knowledge and experience of master craftsmanship from several centuries flow into each of the products.

40 Products Found