Dianova Lapstone

Dianova Lapstone AB was started in Boden in 1993, by the entrepreneur and inventor Christer Idesam.
Christer spent numerous hours (and money) in the development of the Dianova process, the very reason we are known to have the best diamond surfaces in the world. Best? – Yes best in terms of evenness, count of diamond per surface area and durability.

Since then, the Dianova Lapstone sharpeners have been locally manufactured, using our own secret “recipe”.

Since 2011 Our production takes place in Skelleftehamn, with good worker conditions and minimal environmental impact.

So why should you purchase Dianova Lapstone’s products then?

#1 Quality – we use the highest quality grade of industrial diamonds as it is the only way to ensure that the diamonds are actually 15, 30 and 60 microns large (small). The diamonds are attached with a technique that gives the world’s highest diamond density per unit of surface area, and in addition they are hard-wearing and the brows last for many years even during intensive use.

#2 Uncomplicated – our products contain as few components as possible and therefore they do not break down. Because of this, and also that the products otherwise keep what they promise, we have not had more than a handful of returns since the beginning of the 1990s.

#3 Economy – our products are competitively priced and as a re-seller you can count on a good profit margin. As a consumer you will enjoy using your sharpener for a very long time!

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